Conditions of use

The general conditions of use of this website are those that appear in this space, and may be modified at any time and without prior notice from In order to be informed of the conditions of use in force at all times, we recommend that you visit this section regularly.

The purchase of any item or the simple creation of user accounts implies the acceptance of these conditions of use, as well as the agreement with the privacy policy established by


The purpose of this section is none other than to regulate the commercial transactions that are carried out through this store, as well as to establish minimum rules of civility and respect when it comes to managing accounts.


At any time and without prior notice, the prices and / or items displayed on this site may be modified.


The prices of the items displayed in the virtual store may occasionally not be exact, in which case, the customer will be contacted by telephone, and if they wish, the purchase will be canceled, giving rise to a refund of the amount corresponding to the purchase made. (in the case of advance payment), without giving rise to any type of compensation or additional financial compensation.

The prices that can be consulted on the website are ALWAYS express excluding taxes.

The transport costs, as they depend on multiple variables, are not included in the price of the exhibited items, however they will be shown in the order confirmation that will be sent by e-mail by means of a proforma invoice.


The forms of payment supported by this web page are the following;

In the case of advance payments, the processing of the order will take place after confirmation that it has been carried out. This confirmation is obtained between 48 and 72 hours after making the payment.

Particularities of the payment system and corresponding surcharges:
1.- Payments with, Visa and collection in store do not have any surcharge for the indicated payment system.
2.- Payments by credit / debit card will be made in the currency of the order, being EUROS.


The guarantees of each of the articles will be those legally established in each case, the manufacturer being responsible for them or, failing that, the distributor or retailer.

In no case is responsible for the correct application of the guarantees of the articles. However, undertakes to ensure that the legally established terms are strictly complied with.

The buyer must be responsible for the costs of transport, telephone, postal, etc. that may originate during the warranty period.

Availability of the articles

Although the intention is to have all the articles in stock, it may be the case that at some point the immediate shipment of one or more of the articles is not possible. In this case, the buyer will be warned of the incident by giving them an estimated expected date for the delivery of the item / s purchased in the virtual store, as well as the possibility if they wish to reject the order.

There is the possibility that for reasons beyond the control of the virtual store administration, some items may be modified in design or colors. In the event that these changes are minimal, this will not lead to the cancellation of the order placed.


The users of the virtual store of, undertake to act in accordance with good customs and respect for third parties, exposing in any case to / any incident that leads them to mistrust the attitude of other buyers of the space.

In this sense,, reserves the right to suspend those accounts whose use is fraudulent, even due to mere suspicion, and to proceed with the legal actions deemed appropriate.

In the case of articles for a restricted public, the buyer agrees to purchase only those products for which he is legally authorized.

Both users and visitors of, are aware of the prohibition to use the screens, forms and other elements of any of the pages including its sections, sections and all the elements contained therein for different purposes to the consultation, purchase of articles in them exposed, and the utilities for which each one of the options or services included in them specifically exists, being specifically prohibited the use of the forms for the emission of publicity, and the incorporation of malicious codes in order to take advantage of the virtual store for the benefit of third parties unrelated to In the event that for whatever reason fraudulent uses are detected,,take the legal measures it deems appropriate.


Will not be accepted nor will there be responsibility for damages (including those caused during transport) or failures in the operation of the products unless the buyer notifies it via e-mail to during the 48 hours after receipt of the order.

This period of time could be increased only in the event that the manufacturer of the product so specified in its exchange policy.

No claims will be accepted, nor will there be any liability for products that differ in quantity or specifications from those given to the buyer, unless the buyer notifies it via e-mail within 14 days of the date of receipt.

In the case of manufacturers that offer direct warranty and support services, the buyer accepts the obligation to contact them in the event of any claim.

Therefore, if upon receipt of the order the packaging appears to be in poor condition, and there is a possibility that the order has deteriorated, we recommend that you do not accept it.

Conflicts and mediation

In the event that a conflict occurs as a result of purchases that do not come to fruition. UNIVERS D'EMOCIONS CBE, SL, would channel possible complaints and observations from buyers to achieve the prompt resolution of any type of incident. In case of legal dispute, recognizing the courts and tribunals of Girona as competent jurisdiction for transactions carried out through this virtual store.

We request his permission to obtain statistical data of his navigation in this web, in fulfillment of the Royal decree-law 13/2012. If it continues sailing consider that it accepts the use of cookies.
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