• CAP-19
  • CAP-19

    Length: 5.70
    Engine: SUZUKI DF90
    Squares authorised: 7


    Ż Day 9-13 o 14-181 Day
    0 €0 €

    HIGH SEASON (from 01/07/2023 to 31/08/2023)

    Ż Day 9-13 o 14-181 Day
    0 €0 €

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    • Name of the boat: CAP-19 ISATY


    Rent Boats CBE is the trademark of 'Univers d'Emocions CBE S.L


    It is totally forbidden to drop anchor, anchor and fish in the protected area of the Medes Islands, as well as walk through the emerged part of the Medes Islands. Maximum navigation speed 3 knots around the perimeter. Only red buoys can be moored not included in the rental price. It is possible to moor up to 2 boats per buoy. You must maintain at least 100 meters of safety distance at the Alfa diving flag. It is forbidden to drop anchor in Cala Pedrosa, Cala Ferriola and Cala Montgó. Failure to exceed the navigation zone established by the company Rent Boats CBE entails a penalty of €150; there won’t be a chance of alleging ignorance of the navigation area.


    The skipper of the vessel is ultimately responsible for both the safety of the passengers and the integrity of the boat. You have obtained a qualification in accordance with the boat you have rented before the delivery of the same and will be required at the time of signing the contract, the qualification must be in force, and must be adequate to govern the rented boat, if the qualification is expired or is not the regulatory to govern the rented boat, you will lose 100% of the amount of the reservation. Signing the check-in document implies that you agree with the delivery status of the ship. Any variation or change in the state of the boat with respect to the document signed before leaving the port and observed at check-out, will be considered as an incident under the responsibility of the skipper or passengers of the boat, thus assuming the retention of the deposit. The signing of the rental contract implies that before leaving, you have been given all kinds of details about the state of the sea, winds, recommended itinerary advice and current regulations in the Natural Park. In no case will the rental company be held responsible for improper acts or negligence committed in the integrity of the boat or the passengers caused by the lessee or titled skipper.


    The skipper acknowledges that he does not have the necessary license to pilot a boat. Due to this fact, the company will give you the maximum knowledge, within the real possibilities, and the necessary details regarding the operation of the ship together with the navigation advice according to the existing weather conditions. Your navigation limit will be marked, which you must not exceed under any circumstances, under penalty.

    The person who pilots the boat will be responsible for the physical integrity of the passengers and the boat once the navigation begins, and will be the one who will decide, within his knowledge and those offered by the company, to continue navigation or abort the departure. In the event of aborting the departure once it has started, the rental amount will not be refunded. Signing the check-in document implies that you agree with the delivery of the boat and its condition. Any change in the integrity of the ship observed at check-out and not previously noted, will be considered as misuse of the skipper or passengers



    The owner delivers the boat in good condition, in perfect working order, with all the mandatory safety material/accessories and with a full fuel tank. Any anomaly will be communicated to the client before departure. In the event that the contracted boat is not available at the time of departure, the company will have the right to offer another model with similar characteristics without prejudice. The client must return the boat in the same state and with a full fuel tank. Otherwise, Rent Boats CBE will charge you the full amount of the deposit plus an additional 10% for management fees. Any damage, breakdown or anomaly must be reported to the company as soon as possible.

    · Free cancellation up to 48 hours before boarding. If it occurs between 48 and 24 hours, the company will retain 50% and if it is in the last 24 hours, 100% of the reservation will be retained.

    · The port of departure and arrival will be that of Estartit and the schedules established in the contract are mandatory. The penalty for late arrival time will be €50/h, which will be withheld from the deposit, counting from 15 minutes of delay, charging the full amount of the first hour.

    · It is totally forbidden to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and to participate in competitions or sublet the boat.

    · In no case can the rental start without leaving the deposit requested for each type of boat.

    · The client must return the boat in the same state that it was delivered. Damages caused by misuse or negligence will be restored with the customer's deposit, especially those of the propellers.

    · The company will have the right to request 100% of the deposit as "Loss of Profits" on those occasions in which the damage suffered in the vessel leaves it out of service.

    · The client agrees to respect navigation rules, not exceed navigation limits and not exceed the number of people allowed on board.

    · Rent Boats CBE is not responsible for the "No-USE/No-SHOW" that the lessee can make of the rented boat, due to illness of the skipper or one of the crew, unavailability of any kind and especially spontaneous and changing weather changes that make navigation impossible on an ad hoc basis.

    · Rent Boats CBE may cancel the reservation due to force majeure, abnormal and unforeseeable causes that can be a danger to the activity and its safety. The customer will have the right to change the date of the activity. If a mutually agreeable date cannot be found, the full amount of the reservation will be refunded. The decision to cancel due to force majeure will always be the responsibility of the qualified staff of the company and NEVER the responsibility of the customer.

    · Any conflict may be resolved in the courts of La Bisbal d'Empordà

We request his permission to obtain statistical data of his navigation in this web, in fulfillment of the Royal decree-law 13/2012. If it continues sailing consider that it accepts the use of cookies.
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